Drum Liners Protect Your Product And Your Drums

Drum Liners Protect Your Product And Your Drums

7 July 2021
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If your company produces a product that needs to ship in liquid form, you may decide that the best way to do so is to put it into a large drum. But many products that ship this way like food & beverage or chemical supplies can be highly sensitive to contamination. That's why you need drum liners. Adding plastic drum liners to your shipping process can benefit your company and your products in a variety of different ways.

Drum Liners Keep Your Sensitive or Delicate Product From Being Contaminated By the Drum

If you are reusing drums for multiple shipments, it's possible the insides of the drum could still have some residue from the previous substance that was inside, even after being washed. It's also possible the drum container could accumulate some dust while in storage that you wouldn't want coming into contact with the product. By lining your drums with plastic-based liners, you can ensure that your product will not be contaminated at any point during shipment and will arrive at its destination in the condition your company intends.

Drum Liners Also Protect the Drum So You Can Reuse It to Ship Additional Product

If you are new to shipping via large drum containers, one of the things you will quickly realize is that it might be possible to reclaim the shipment container after the product is delivered to the customer. Large drum containers are not cheap and it can save your company a lot of money if you can reuse some of the same containers for future shipments. But in order to do this, you need to keep the drums in good condition. If your drums are filled with a harsh chemical, the chemical could damage the inside of the drum if it were to come into direct contact. Putting a liner in first will ensure that the drums remain in good condition for future shipments.

Plastic Drum Liners Can Contain a Spill and Are Recyclable

If your company is looking to move toward more sustainability or policies that are friendlier to the environment, you'll be happy to know that plastic drum liners are usually recyclable. This will allow you to keep your company's environmental footprint low. A plastic liner could also be quite important if a drum were to become damaged during shipment. If a hole or opening develops, the plastic liner could prevent a harsh chemical or other substance from spilling out and harming the environment or someone's property.

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