2 Tips For Getting The Best LTL Quote

2 Tips For Getting The Best LTL Quote

20 July 2021
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LTL shipping means that you are shipping a load that is less-than-truckload. In other words, your particular shipment isn't going to completely fill up the trailer or truck that the shipping company is going to transport your shipment in. An LTL shipment translates into a shipment that is between one and seven units big. Generally, the shipping vehicle is full with eight units. The unit can be pallet, box, or however the shipping company measures their shipments. If you do have some cargo that needs to go out on an LTL shipment, you are going to need to talk to a shipping company and get a quote. You can do several things to help get the best quote possible. 


One thing that you can do is consolidate your shipment into one item. For example, instead of having several boxes, you should put the boxes onto a pallet, stack them up, and wrap it up. That turns those boxes from a multi-part shipment into a one-item shipment. When you talk to the shipment company, they are going to want to know how many items you are shipping as well as their dimensions and details. Telling the shipping company that you are shipping one item, that is AxBxC in dimension and weighs XYZ pounds will make it easier for the shipping company to give you a more precise quote. 


There are a number of freight classifications. They are labeled using 50-500. Generally, the lower your shipment is labeled, the less it will cost you. When you are talking to the shipping company about your LTL, you need to tell them what the classification is, and so you want to do everything you can to make sure that you have properly classified your freight. You will need to figure out its density, which is about how much space your item is going to take up when it is compared to its weight; ease of handling, which means how easy it is to load, unload, or move the shipment around; liability, meaning what risk there is of accidental damage to your shipment or other shipments in the same box; and stowability, which is how easy it is to stow the package in the truck and if the shipment can't be put around other items. Figuring out what the classification is will just give the shipping company more information. 

LTL shipping is important because not all businesses can ship a full truckload out every time they ship something. If you need to send out an LTL shipment, you need to get a quote, and you want to get the best quote possible. Contact a local LTL freight shipping service to get a quote.