Use 'Do Not Stack' Pallet Cones To Classify Inventory

Use 'Do Not Stack' Pallet Cones To Classify Inventory

10 November 2021
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Pallet cones that are designed to prevent double stacking are not intended solely for use with goods that will be transported by a freight company. You can benefit by adding cones to 'in-house' products that are going to be stored within your warehouse facility. If your place of business manufactures a lot of items and keeps surplus inventory on hand, pallet cones will guide your warehouse crew in identifying fragile items from non-fragile items.

Cone Products And Guidelines

Pallet cones are made out of durable cardboard materials. Three-dimensional 'do not stack' cones are sold in packages that contain multiple cardboard cutouts. A manufacturer may advertise cone products they are selling by listing the dimensions of each cutout. Cone products can be used for multiple applications. For instance, if the amount of inventory that you keep within your warehouse often fluctuates, you may prefer to use cones to identify different unstackable pallets.

After affixing cones to specific pallets, the cones can be removed and placed on other pallets in the future, when needed. Cardboard cones are shipping products that are cost-effective. After purchasing foldable cones, set up a list of guidelines for your employees to follow. All of the inventory that is going to be palletized may consist of various fragile and non-fragile materials. Instruct your employees to separate products by type and to set the items on individual pallets.

After shrink wrap is used to secure the products, require your employees to secure 'do not stack' pallet cones on top of any pallet that contains items that are breakable. The cones will prevent your staff members from stacking more than one pallet on top of one another. Each cone will need to be individually folded, prior to securing it to the top of a pallet.

A Separate Storage Area

All palletized products that are going to be tagged with cones should be stored in a designated area. A teardrop pallet racking system can be used for storage purposes. This type of storage setup will consist of horizontal and vertical beams. 

Place all of the cone products in an area that is accessible to your employees. Provide your employees with tape or straps. Tape or straps can be used to secure a cone to the top of each pallet that contains fragile goods. As freight is delivered to your business or as products are manufactured on the premises, the materials can be classified and prepared for storage. For more information, contact a company like Constructive Designs.