Three Ways A Shipment Impact Indicator Reduces Your Losses

Three Ways A Shipment Impact Indicator Reduces Your Losses

8 June 2022
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Each customer pays shipping fees when buying any item. As such, the buyer is obligated to ensure the customer's goods arrive safely. This has led to sellers using the shipment impact indicator to ensure handlers are accountable for their actions when handling goods. These indicators provide a visual warning to the buyer if their goods were dropped or handled aggressively. Thus, it proves that the buyer's goods were damaged during transit, not during packaging. This blog shall depict three ways your shipment impact indicator aids in minimizing your damage bill. 

Changes the Handlers' Behavior

As a seller, one cannot control the goods during transit. However, you may control how the goods are handled with the shipment impact indicator by ensuring the handlers are careful when loading and unloading. The shipment impact indicator is a vivid sign, making it hard for someone to miss it when handling your products. The red, yellow, and white color schemes warn the handlers to be more careful when moving the goods around. Ultimately, even though you are not handling the products yourself, you will be certain that those carrying your shipment goods will be cautious.

Allows You to Identify the Compromised Goods

The competition in the business world has increased because there are many businesses today. Thus, most companies are implementing ways to retain their current customers and attract new ones. For instance, many companies implement various measures to ensure each customer's goods arrive safely and on time. As such, the shipment impact indicator allows you to get ahead of the situation if a customer's order has been compromised during transit. For instance, the impact indicator will turn red if a customer's order is damaged, allowing your handler to notify you before the good is delivered to the customer. You will immediately take control of the situation by replacing the damaged good or apologizing to the customer and assuring them that a replacement is on the way. With the shipment impact indicator, you will maintain the customer's trust in your delivery system. 

Improves the Efficiency of Your Packaging System

You can know the effectiveness of your packaging system with a shipment impact indicator. For instance, if your current packaging system is not secure, the indicator will frequently turn red when the goods are shipped. It depicts that your packaging system does not sufficiently protect your goods, and you should implement other measures. Ultimately, you can change the packaging materials before receiving many customer complaints.

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