What Should You Know About Unclaimed Mystery Boxes?

What Should You Know About Unclaimed Mystery Boxes?

21 June 2022
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If you're a fan of social media, you've probably seen at least a few videos of people opening unclaimed mystery boxes. These videos can be exciting, and many people receive useful, interesting, or unusual items in their packages, but what are "unclaimed" boxes? How do these boxes differ from the other types of mystery boxes you can purchase online?

As it turns out, there are many features of these boxes that make them unique when compared to other loot boxes on the internet. Keep reading to learn three things you should know about this latest social media craze (and why you may want to consider buying a box of your own).

1. "Unclaimed" is a Catch-All Term

Typical loot boxes usually have a theme and include plenty of carefully curated items. On the other hand, unclaimed mystery boxes have a more unique and unusual origin story. The "unclaimed" in the name refers to packages that never made it to their original destination, but there are many reasons why this can happen.

A common misconception is that the original buyer may have returned these items, but this usually isn't the case. In fact, one of the unique selling points for unclaimed items is that you'll receive original and unopened shipping packages. As a result, you're less likely to receive items that are broken or otherwise in a condition that caused the original purchaser to return them.

2. The Seller Doesn't Know Either

One of the more exciting aspects of unclaimed mystery boxes is that they're truly mysteries. The companies that curate these boxes typically buy bulk quantities or pallets of unclaimed mail. Since these packages came back to the warehouse without the original purchaser ever opening them, most will be in nondescript shipping packages that don't indicate what might be inside.

The actual quantity and type of items you'll receive will vary based on the seller, and different mystery box companies have different methods for shipping your packages. For example, some might group packages by a certain weight, while others just fit whatever they can in the box. Whatever the case, you know you'll be getting a true mystery when your package arrives.

3. They Make Great Content

If you're an influencer or content creator, these boxes can make far more unique and interesting content than the typical loot box. Thematic loot boxes can often be repetitive, and many content creators may cover the same box. On the other hand, the nature of unclaimed mystery boxes means that the items you receive are unlikely to have any connection to each other or anyone else's box.

These advantages make unclaimed boxes an excellent option if you need a way to bulk up content for your channel or just create videos that stand out from the crowd. Whatever you end up getting, it's sure to be interesting and, most importantly, completely unique.