Do You Need Help Crating And Palletizing Your Goods?

Do You Need Help Crating And Palletizing Your Goods?

3 January 2023
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If you ship all types of vulnerable or fragile products, you need a safe way to organize and box your goods. But if you don't know how to organize and box your goods without breaking or damaging them, ask a shipping company about crating and palletizing. Learn more about crating and palletizing and how a shipping company can help you below.

What Do Crate and Palletize Mean?

You may already follow some type of method to organize and box your goods before you ship them. But if your employees fail to organize or box your products properly, your products may arrive at their destinations smashed, smooshed, or even severely broken. Rather than use your current method to organize and box your goods, crate and palletize your products instead.

Crating is the process of placing items into wooden or plastic crates. Palletizing is the process of placing crated or uncrated items on pallets. Although the concepts for both methods of shipping appear simple, they're not. In order to keep fragile and vulnerable items free of damage before, during, and after you ship them, you must crate and palletize the products properly. 

When you crate products, you must wrap, surround, or cushion them with the correct packing supplies. Some of the packing supplies you need to crate your products may include scrap cardboard, foam, and stretch wrap. Peanuts or newspaper clippings may be too loose or weak to provide the protection your products need during shipping.

After you crate your products, you must carefully stack them on pallets. The stacked crates must be stable and level during the shipping process. Workers must also be able to remove the crates without tipping or mishandling them. 

In addition to using the correct palletizing methods, you must also use the correct size pallets for your crates. Your pallets should be wide and strong enough to support the weights, lengths, and heights of each crate. If you don't use the correct pallets for your crates, you risk damaging the crates and everything in them during shipping.

If you need assistance crating and palletizing your products, consult a shipping contractor today. 

How Do You Obtain What You Need?

A shipping contractor can provide you with the correct crates and pallets to use for your products. A contractor can also educate your workers on the correct crating and palletizing methods to use for your needs. Some shipping contractors offer onsite assistance to their customers. Be sure to ask a contractor if they offer onsite assistance services when you contact them for services.

Don't hesitate to contact a shipping contractor for the crating and palletizing help you need now.