Less Is More — 4 Tips To Create Effective Product Labels

27 July 2022
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Designing an effective product label is key to marketing and selling your goods. But what is an effective label? In general, it's a label that allows customers to easily know the brand, understand the product, and see its appeal. And while you may be tempted to try to include more information to achieve these goals, less is often better. Here are a few ways to achieve this 'less is more' aesthetic. Read More …

What Should You Know About Unclaimed Mystery Boxes?

21 June 2022
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If you're a fan of social media, you've probably seen at least a few videos of people opening unclaimed mystery boxes. These videos can be exciting, and many people receive useful, interesting, or unusual items in their packages, but what are "unclaimed" boxes? How do these boxes differ from the other types of mystery boxes you can purchase online? As it turns out, there are many features of these boxes that make them unique when compared to other loot boxes on the internet. Read More …

Three Ways A Shipment Impact Indicator Reduces Your Losses

8 June 2022
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Each customer pays shipping fees when buying any item. As such, the buyer is obligated to ensure the customer's goods arrive safely. This has led to sellers using the shipment impact indicator to ensure handlers are accountable for their actions when handling goods. These indicators provide a visual warning to the buyer if their goods were dropped or handled aggressively. Thus, it proves that the buyer's goods were damaged during transit, not during packaging. Read More …

The Benefits Of Transportation Management Solutions And Using Them For Your Logistics Operations

28 March 2022
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Transportation management solutions are used to streamline and automate the movement of goods from one place to another. Increasing logistics costs need to be managed before they hamper your business growth. Transportation management solutions were designed in a way to allow companies operating in different business segments and geographies to transfer goods at the lowest possible cost while maintaining safety standards and reducing delivery time. Reduced Freight Costs Transportation management solutions can help reduce shipping costs by enabling you to negotiate better with suppliers and carriers. Read More …

Training to Drive Semi-trucks Doesn’t Stop When School Is Over

11 March 2022
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Semi-truck drivers are in massive demand in the US, and finding a job often means getting some training at a school with Class A CDL driver training courses that include practical skills and classroom training. Typically these schools give you the education and practice you need to ensure you get a license and can get a job driving with a larger trucking company when you finish, but there may be more training to be completed after you leave school. Read More …